Sausalito Books by the Bay
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Sausalito Books by the Bay

An Independent Community Sponsored Bookstore

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You asked for it and it’s happening.

Sausalito Books by the Bay is a community supported independent bookstore providing the finest in reading enjoyment for the people of Sausalito, our neighbors, friends, family and visitors from around the world.

We like to think of ourselves as a community center, carrying on the tradition of bookstores from the past.

Come to our Grand Opening October 10th

Why a bookstore in Sausalito?


Mostly because the residents want one. Also because every town needs one. Especially because reading and learning must always be encouraged.

Books provide ongoing education, insight and inspiration; they can take you to faraway places. You can travel forward or back in time. They can offer healing and hope and adventure.  They can help you dream.

There is nothing like holding a real book in your hand. Or talking to a bookseller who is passionate about books and can take you on a tour of every bookshelf in the shop.

"Bookstores find growth as anchors of authenticity ... big chains once posed a threat, but independents are thriving by hosting events, adding non-book merchandise and becoming community hubs." New York Times

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Book of the Month

The Sea Lion and the Sculptor: The Tale of a Vagabond Bohemian Artist

Clarke, Terence $25.00

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Al Sybrian was one of the legendary bohemian artist of Sausalito in the 1960s.

In a review of the book, local author Susan Shea comments "The story of Sausalito day’s as a gathering place for artists isn’t a myth, it’s true history; and a recent book, The Sea Lion and the Sculptor: The Tale of a Vagabond Bohemian Artist, brings a portion of that charming, iconoclastic Sausalito vividly to life."

In the forward to The Sea Lion and The Sculptor, Bill Kirsch, executive editor, writes: Al Sybrian was a creative, soulful person who recorded his thoughts about himself, life, art and relationships in an insightful, profound and interesting manner. He spent his artistic life with absolutely no desire for fame or money. 

His blue-collar attitude about work, his disdain for politics, and his love of argument endeared him to friends and acquaintances throughout his life. This book is written largely in his own words – thoughts and observations extracted from the meticulous notebooks he kept and letters he sent to and received from his friends.

Al’s Sea Lion sculpture in Richardson Bay is know the world around as the symbol of Sausalito.




100 Bay Street
Sausalito, CA 94965

store Hours

Monday - Friday
10AM - 6PM

Saturday - Sunday
10AM - 6PM


(415) 887-9967

How to get to Sausalito Books by the Bay

Getting to Sausalito Books by the Bay is easy.  Whether you are coming from the South or North side of Sausalito simply get on Bridgeway. 

Turn onto Anchor Street between Vina del Mar Plaza and the former Bank of America. Drive one short block on Anchor St and then turn left on Humbolt Ave. (This is the street where all of the Tour Buses are staging.) 

Turn right off of Bay Street into the marina parking lot. You will see the Sausalito Books by the Bay building.

There are Free parking spaces in the marina lot for book store customers. These are next to the Building and clearly marked.

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This month’s Sausalito-centric selections.

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A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one
— George R.R. Martin